Tips & Whiskers, a story of feral cats

I started helping feral cats in 2011 when I fed my first stray cat. There were many homeless cats in my neighborhood. Some people cared for the feral cats but did not have the resources to spay/neuter them, so they kept overpopulating beyond their control. That's when I learned of TNR (Trap-neuter-release) and began helping others control the population of their feral cat colonies by trapping all of them, fixing, vaccinating, and providing veterinary care to those that needed it. I took over three colonies because the caretaker could not afford to continue feeding them, there were 26 cats at the time. Now there are 18 cats left that my husband and I care for.
I started this shop in hopes that we could make just enough to continue feeding our ferals. Thanks to your support, it has flourished into a small business! I am very fortunate to have a platform where I can continue to help others in our community with TNR as well as educate and advocate for feral cats.

Starting December 2020 we will begin donating food every month to feral cat caretakers throughout the U.S., we are calling this our #tipsandwhiskers fund.

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