Tips & Whiskers, a story of feral cats

I started helping feral cats in 2011 when I fed my first stray cat. There were many homeless cats in my neighborhood. Some people cared for the feral cats but did not have the resources to spay/neuter them, so they kept overpopulating beyond their control. That's when I learned of TNR (Trap-neuter-release) and began helping others control the population of their feral cat colonies by trapping all of them, fixing, vaccinating, and providing veterinary care to those that needed it. I took over three colonies because the caretaker could not afford to continue feeding them, there were 26 cats at the time. When we moved there were 8 cats left, we couldn't bear to leave them behind as they became part of the family even though they were still unsocialized, so we built a catio in our new home to help them with the transition and now they are our indoor kitties. 
I started this shop in hopes that we could make just enough to continue feeding our ferals and helping others with TNR.  Thanks to your support, it has flourished into a small business! I am very fortunate to have a platform where I can continue to help others in our community with TNR as well as educate and advocate for feral cats.

In September of 2021 my friend and I started Tips & Whiskers. We advocate, educate and fund TNR in our communities that need it the most. 

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